I will switch to english for once in my life, due to a friend’s request! And I thought it was nice that someone takes the time to translate from spanish to english my stupid comments… so for once at least i will write in english so he (hello Yazan, :)) doesnt have to translate anything.
Im still in this F..King office… waiting for one of my multiple bosses to come and finish something very urgent… This is too much for me to take today.
I had one of my worst days since I came and …. still… they make me stay here until 7 or 8 or who knows how long…
Anyway… there is nothing that I can do except complain here, so I will do it, 🙂
I can’t explain with words how much I need the holidays… oh my God… Sleeping until 1 or  2 in the afternoon, going to the beach, taking a bath in the cold Cantabric (??) water, sidra, beer, sun, beer, going out, pachanga, beer, Luanco, Aviles, beer, Oviedo, Gijón, Whisky, Tapia, El Valle, beer, terrace, disco, Sabugo… so many things.. (que morriña…)


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